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Foot Care Tips

Do you suffer from a niggling pain under your foot, possibly due to a cut or a lump? It is not always that easy to see the area concerned clearly, so just get a hand held mirror to check out the problem, then, if you feel you need further assistance call Foot Care Focus.

Help keep your feet healthy by having a daily foot care routine. Wash & dry feet daily including between the toes. Moisturize your feet. Change socks/tights daily.

Once a week soak your feet in warm water with bath foam, or if the feet are swollen soak in Epson Salts with Lavender oil. Use a pumice stone while soaking or a foot file before soaking to get rid of any dry skin.

Once a week check to make sure your toe nails are cut straight across to a comfortable length with no sharp edges. Check for any cracks, breaks in the skin, blisters. Make sure these are treated with a disinfectant to help get rid of any bacteria.

Check your feet once a week for any other obvious problems such as Verrucas (which are infectious), corns & calluses. IF IN DOUBT CHECK IT OUT with Foot Care Focus.

Athletes Foot is a foot rash generally caused by a fungus growing & multiplying on the skin. It thrives on warm, dark places e.g. between the toes & on the bottom of the feet.

Signs & symptoms of Athlete’s foot. Dry, red, scaly, flaky, white, soggy, cracked, itchy, sore. Covered in small blisters that can spread round the foot into the toe nails. If in doubt get it checked out by Foot care Focus.

How to help prevent Athlete’s Foot. Wash & dry feet thoroughly morning & night. Change socks/tights daily. Alternate shoes to give them a chance to dry out completely. Make sure your feet get plenty of air, war cotton socks & shoes made of natural porous material. Use talc to stop them from getting sweaty.

Further Athlete’s foot prevention. Do NOT use moisturizer between the toes as it can help the fungi multiply. Wash socks & towels on the hottest wash possible. Athlete’s foot can be spread through direct contact with the infection e.g. by skin particles left on floors of showers, changing rooms, swimming pools, towels etc. Look after your feet & they will look after you.

Bacteria & fungi can build up between the toes dye to the moist environment. If you can’t reach to dry between the toes, use a travel hair dryer, this has a lower temperature setting than a normal hairdryer.

Verrucas are a type of wart that affect the bottom of the feet. They can be passed person to person by close skin contact or through contact with contaminated surfaces such as towels, shoes & socks, communal changing areas, showers, pools.

Verruca prevention. Avoid sharing towels, flannels, shoes & socks. Keep hands & feet dry & clean. Don’t go barefoot in public areas. Cover with a waterproof dressing when swimming. Avoid scratching & picking as this may spread the infection to other parts of the body.

Did you know that walking puts up to 1.5 times your bodyweight on your foot & that there are 28 bones & 25 joints in the foot & ankle? Look after your feet & they will look after you. Go for regular checks ups.

Hard corns are small, pale or yellow areas of raised skin, hardened dead skin with a small plug in the centre. They are generally caused by ill fitting footwear where there is friction or with age due to there being less padding on the soles of the feet. Contact Foot Care Focus to assist with their removal.

Soft corns look white & rubbery & are usually indented in the middle. They tend to occur between the toes where they have become warm & moist. Make sure you dry this area thoroughly to help prevent them from occurring. If they are causing you any problems contact me at Foot care Focus & I will treat them for you.

Ingrown toenail – this is caused by from the nail into the skin, if it breaks through the skin, inflammation occurs. The main cause is improper trimming of the nails, but it can also be ill-fitting shoes, nail picking, poor foot hygiene. Please call me to get it seen to as soon as possible.

Do you suffer from hard skin on your feet? This is called a callus & is caused by repeated pressure or friction on an area of skin. They are normally found on the ball of the foot, heel, inside the big toe. Either use a foot file or call me at Foot Care Focus to assist with its removal.

The correct footwear is important for the condition of your feet as they take the weight of your whole body, foot problems can affect the way you walk & in turn can lead to knee, hip & back problems. Shop for footwear in afternoons when your feet are at their largest. Wear the appropriate footwear for the job required.

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